Blumen Floral



Blumen was born from a life-long love and deep appreciation for the little miracles of nature. I've always stopped to notice the way an insect crawls or a flower opens, and I want to share that beauty and help others notice it as well. The world could use a little more noticing, if you ask me. When my hands are dirty, cracked, and calloused from creating, those are the moments I feel most alive.

As a little girl, I started my own "Flower Pressing Company" and created hand-stamped and flowered stationary to sell door-to-door. I worked in a small flower shop after high school where my love for natural things grew stronger and my passion for floral design began. In 2017, I made the decision to return to my roots and stepped away from a teaching job to start Blumen Floral. 

Blumen is a full-service floral design company that creates unique, natural, free-flowing arrangements for Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. Through flowers and creative design, Blumen provides opportunities for people to connect with nature and experience the earth’s beauty by bringing color and life to their days.


Photography by Leslie Lewis (